Town twinning reports

Plastic ban

Plastic straws and bottle caps banned in Tanzania since 11.10.21 for ecological reasons. Importation from abroad is also no longer permitted. In 2019, the government of Tanzania had already banned and implemented

Rainwater project

Rainwater projectHafencityUniversität Hamburg and Ardhi University successfully took up their project on stormwater last week, in keeping with the current flooding in In cooperation with Borda, decentralized rainwater systems will be built and tested. Do

Supporters wanted!

Our website also in English? Supporters wanted We have already translated the partnerships themselves into English for the exhibition. Many thanks to Laura, Christian and Till. That was great action. As a next

Government measures

Government action within three days of the first case: Stand: 21.03.2020 A major educational campaign about the corona, routes of spread, and prevention measures have begun. All major events are canceled,

Corona in Tanzania

Corona in Tanzania Stand: 21.03.2020 [ Mo 16.03. ] The first corona case in Tanzania was reported. A Tanzanian woman returning from Belgium was scanned at Kilimanjaro International Airport but had

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