Hamburg partnerships introduce themselves

On 2.10. 39 of the partnerships, each linking a group from the two cities, presented themselves to the public in a large exhibition.

Originally planned for the Rathausdiele, this had to be rescheduled at short notice due to Corona.

Friends of the partnership marched from Dar-es-Salaam-Platz to HafenCity University (HCU), led by “Tuten und Blasen”, a 17-piece brass band with the Tanzanian “Maleika” song, among others.

Ms. Corinna Nienstedt, Head of the State Office for International Affairs in the Senate Chancellery, as well as Dr. Stefan Chrobot, long-time Head of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Dar es Salaam and proven Tanzania expert, took the floor. Atulete Manyanya, a Tanzanian student at HCU, thanked the Hamburgers and Prof. Dickhaut from HCU finally opened the exhibition.
The designed exhibition was enthusiastically received and could be visited until Sunday at the HCU (water side).

The exhibition posters are designed in such a way that they can be borrowed free of charge, even in parts, on desired topics. If you are interested, please contact the twinning cooperation office.

Here you can find our exhibition as PDF:

Here you can find the brochure about our exhibition as PDF: