The mood in the country

Stand: 21.03.2020

The following quote should give some impression:

“Given that it is the developed countries that have been most plagued by the disease so far, it makes a lot of sense for developing countries to take precautionary measures because we have limited resources and technologies to effectively contain the disease.

Nevertheless, we should not lose hope that the steps we can take may even be as effective as if we had the resources and technology to control the deadly disease.

So we should not underestimate (undermine) what we can do in the fight against coronavirus, even if we have limited resources and technologies.

Perhaps this is the fear that people may have about this pandemic. But government officials continue to give us hope not to panic because the disease can be prevented if people heed the advice and guidelines of the government and health experts. “*.

(Tanzania Daily News, Dar es Salaam, 18.03.20)

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Ravanny, one of Tanzania’s most famous music stars made this music video for Corona.

The two very well-known infected rappers are also going public aggressively, supporting awareness and working against fear.

The Freundeskreis Bagamoyo follows the current developments in Tanzania, please inform yourself about the further progress here:

Bagamoyo Circle of Friends

Have friends in Tanzania. It is very important to keep in touch now.
We are all going through this crisis together and supporting each other as best we can.

“Solidarity is the tenderness between people”. (Ernesto Cardinal)