First joint virtual meeting of the partnerships!

Finally, see each other again!

Guests of honor:

– The Ambassador of Germany in Dar es Salaam, Mrs. Hess –
– The Consul of Tanzania in Hamburg, Mrs. Hammelmann –
– The State Councillor of the City of Hamburg, Mrs. Möller –
– Welcome the new representatives of the city of Dar es Salaam (the city has just been restructured) –

Partnership under Corona conditions:

How has the global pandemic affected the partnership?

Exciting projects presented with many photos:

– Young women become photographers: Project of the Ladies Joint Forum in Dar es Salaam –
– Children with disabilities: a new initiative at Rugambwa Hospital –
– Covid Prevention at Kigamboni Community Center –
– Lively public relations in Hamburg –

The celebration of life 2022 in Dar Es Salaam – the concept is presented

Lively exchange in small groups


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