Music as a common language

Music as a common language "Tuten und Blasen" are 18 musicians on saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and percussion who have been performing their music on the streets, in concert halls, and in cinemas for over forty years, always expanding their musical horizons. Numerous compositions by Tuten und Blasen reflect

Tuten und Blasen

Tuten und Blasen "Tuten und Blasen" - today 18 musicians on saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and percussion - was founded in 1976 as the musical arm of the tenants' movement. The musical development has taken the band from the streets to concert halls and cinemas as well. Meetings with bands

Paulchen Esperenza Foundation

Paulchen Esperenza Foundation The Paulchen Esperanza Foundation supports disadvantaged children, young people, and women in need at home and abroad. In Tanzania, the Paulchen Esperanza Foundation has been supporting the "Talent Search and Empowerment" center for disadvantaged children and youth in Ubungo for 7 years now. Initially, the support consisted


Dar es Salaam Center of Architectural Heritage (DARCH) Saving and Promoting international heritage in Dar es Salaam and Eastern Africa. The Dar es Salaam Centre for Architectural Heritage (DARCH) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to saving and promoting historic architecture in Dar es Salaam and the broader East African context

Kigamboni Community Center

Kigamboni Community Center Overcoming poverty through talent development The KCC aims to fight poverty through social and economic development and education. Promoting the diverse talents of children and young people increases their chances of leading independent lives. Up to 400 children and young people, mostly from the surrounding schools, take

HausDrei e.V. – The district cultural center in Altona-Altstadt

HausDrei e.V. – The district cultural center in Altona-Altstadt The socio-cultural center HausDrei sees itself as a contact point and communicative interface in the lively Altona-Altstadt. HausDrei is a local organizer and starting point of cultural events, also over the Neighborhoodout. As an independent youth welfare organization, HausDrei also offers

Young artists: “Together”

Young artists: "Together" "Together" is a project between HausDrei e.V. in Altona and the Kigamboni Community Center in Tanzania. The first exchange of 14 young artists, 7 from Hamburg and 7 from Kigamboni has just ended. An enchanting time when 14 young artists* met in Kigamboni and developed a

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