Fostering talent, encouraging children.

The “Talent Search and Empowerment” is a center for children and youth in the district of Ubungu. It works with particularly disadvantaged children from poor neighborhoods and promotes their talents. Dance, music, drama, but also computer classes, and schoolwork help are among the offerings.

The Paulchen Esperanza Foundation has been supporting the TSE for 7 years now. At first, the most important thing was to pay the rent for the building, later it financed one of the two new buildings.

Today’s focus of support is to strengthen TSE’s organizational structure. Here we finance teachers, running costs such as electricity, water, internet, etc., but also necessary investments such as new musical instruments.


We are happy about every donation, with which we can further support the existing projects. If you have any questions about the voluntary service, we are available as contact persons.

Visiting the TSE

Working together in this partnership: