The working group for the preservation of monuments in the Circle of Friends cooperates with partners in Dar es Salaam on topics of monument preservation within the framework of the town twinning.

The cooperation exists with specialized partners in Hamburg and goes back to professional experiences and personal contacts with Dar es Salaam architect Dr. Jens Rohwedder.

Dr. Rohwedder taught as a lecturer at Ardhi University in the Department of Architecture from 1978 to 1981. In the process, he discovered the treasure that Dar es Salaam has with its historic neighborhoods and buildings. Seine Erfahrungen zu diesem Thema fliessen bis heute ein in die partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit im Rahmen der Städtepartnerschaft His experiences on this subject are still incorporated into the partnership cooperation within the scope of the town twinning Currently, the program of Monument documentation, in cooperation with DARCH, is focused on Hamburg and Dar es Salaam.

In doing so, he welcomes new interested parties to work together to advance the issue in our cities.

An important cooperating expert is Dr. Stefan Kleineschulte from the Department for Monument Studies at the Historic Preservation Office in Hamburg. He brings his expertise in inventory, documentation, and data management very fruitfully to the partnership exchange with Dar es Salaam here.


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