Tuten und Blasen

“Tuten und Blasen” – today 18 musicians on saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and percussion – was founded in 1976 as the musical arm of the tenants’ movement. The musical development has taken the band from the streets to concert halls and cinemas as well.

Meetings with bands in Newcastle, in Douarnenez in Brittany, and in Zanzibar – with the Shikamoo Jazzband – broadened the musical horizon. A core of musicians and composers provides continuity with simultaneous musical development, which has led the band to the concert halls and cinemas, without forgetting its origin from the street. The open exploration of contemporary music is led by band members through studies and projects in Latin America, African countries, in jazz and film music. For example, two musicians from “Tuten und Blasen” were in Tanzania last fall to establish cooperation with musicians from the “Bagamoyo Players” and the “TaSuBa Brassband” within the framework of the town twinning.


Michael Hett
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