FRISE – artists’ house Hamburg e.V. & Imaging center e.V.

At FRISE-artists’ house, 45 artists of various disciplines work in working and living studios on an area of 2,200 square meters. It is self-managed by the participating artists and runs on a grassroots democratic basis. In addition, the community operates an artist-in-residence apartment and gallery with approximately 25 exhibitions per year.

FRISE is the merger of the two non-profit associations artists’ house, Hamburg e.V. and Imaging center e.V. The Künstlerhaus Hamburg was founded almost 45 years ago and is one of the oldest artists’ houses in Germany.

For many years, FRISE has been engaged in a lively international exchange of artists with over 15 countries worldwide, with the support of the Department of Culture and Media of the City of Hamburg.


Abbildungszentrum e.V.

Arnoldstr. 26–30
22765 Hamburg

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Mr. Thomas Schlottmann

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