Circle of Friends Dar es Salaam – Hamburg e.V.

The circle of friends was founded in 2005 even before the twinning existed, during the time of the former honorary consul Jürgen Gotthardt. The aim was and is to provide support to the various organizations in the town twinning as a non-profit association and to offer in projects.

Thus, all members of the association are themselves active in the town twinning with their own projects, e.g. on firefighting, historic preservation, colonial heritage.

In 2010, the partnership agreement between the cities of Dar es Salaam, the economic and administrative metropolis of Tanzania, and Hamburg was signed by the two mayors. Our two cities are connected by a long history. However, a twinning arrangement only comes to life when not only the mayors but also the citizens of the cities get involved and drive the twinning exchange forward.

The circle of friends offers practical help to all active people: The association supports visitors from Dar es Salaam by escorts, and organizes visits to businesses and intuitions, and authorities.

It operates the Internet platform of the twinning to report and inform about all activities in the twinning, also to improve the communication between the twinning active people, and become a support for the network. On the page we try to report all the latest information about the twinning: – current events in the framework of the twinning, – whether delegations are coming or going to Dar es Salaam, – who is holding which events. These are linked on the page in such a way that a further click on the page leads to the homepage of the respective organization. The addition of other organizations to the twinning website is possible at any time.

It is our overriding principle that we are neutral in political, social, or religious matters. We do not impose any rules on the presenting organizations as long as they work in the spirit of international understanding and partnership among equals.


A communication platform is only as good as it is “fed” by the various groups. Therefore, we are always interested in receiving all activities and news, also with photos, and all information relevant to the twinning, in order to keep the site attractive.

Of course, the association is also open to other members – individuals as well as institutions.


Circle of Friends Dar es Salaam – Hamburg e.V.
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