Corona relief action in Marangu

Corona relief action in Marangu The Marangu support association in Hamburg has joined forces with doctors from Kiel. Together they supported the rural hospital in Marangu with protective clothing and disinfectants. The package has finally arrived and was gratefully received. Now you can better protect yourself there and act against Corona. Kiel Doctors

The mood in the country

The mood in the country Stand: 21.03.2020 "Given that it is the developed countries that have been most plagued by the disease so far, it makes a lot of sense for developing countries to take precautionary measures because we have limited resources and technologies to effectively contain the disease. Nevertheless,

Government measures

Government action within three days of the first case: Stand: 21.03.2020 A major educational campaign about the corona, routes of spread, and prevention measures have begun. All major events are canceled, from sports to weddings, and bars closed All schools and universities closed Visits to prisons prohibited The population is encouraged

Corona in Tanzania

Corona in Tanzania Stand: 21.03.2020 [ Mo 16.03. ] The first corona case in Tanzania was reported. A Tanzanian woman returning from Belgium was scanned at Kilimanjaro International Airport but had no signs, Later, however, she felt ill and then went to the hospital, where the test was positive. (The East

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