Weltwärts for international understanding and climate protection

The German-Tanzanian Partnership e.V. (DTP) works in Tanzania in the field of international understanding and climate protection. For this purpose, it cooperates with three NGOs in Dar-es-Salaam. The DTP’s primary partner is Action for Community Care (ACC). Together with ACC, DTP accompanies the 16 German volunteers in Tanzania each year as well as the two Tanzanian volunteers in Hamburg. ACC and the DTP exchange information intensively and develop the programs further.

In Dar, the Forum Climate and the Jane Goodall Institute each have 2 DTP volunteers for 12 months each year. Forum CC is an umbrella organization working for climate protection with 90 Tanzanian subgroups. It works politically, writes info materials, and organizes training from the local to the international level.

The Jane Goodall Institute works in wildlife research and conservation and in educational outreach about it. JGI’s Roots and Shoots program empowers young people to get involved locally, for example, planting trees together in school-based environmental clubs and providing training.

ACC has been accompanying the 16 annual German volunteers in Tanzania and the two Tanzanian volunteers in Hamburg, among others, since 2020 together with the German-Tanzanian Partnership. Founded in 2008 in Tanzania, this Tanzanian-Dutch cooperation aims to support orphans and people living with HIV in Tanzania and to provide information about HIV prevention.

The DTP cooperates with the NGO Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) in Dar, where one Tanzanian is trained annually for 12 months in the field of renewable energy.


Every year in August, DTP sends 16 volunteers to Tanzania.
Apply at www.dtpev.de if you are between the ages of 18 and 28!

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Working together in this partnership: