Training for street children:
Dogo Dogo Center

The partnership between SISI PAMOJA e.V. and the Dogodogo Multipurpose Training Centre (DMTC) has been in place since 2017. Street children, orphans, and young people from broken families have a place here to live and learn together. Together, we advocate for children’s fundamental right to development, protection, and participation in society. Training in skilled trades gives young people a perspective for the future.

The DMTC in Bunju in the Dar Es Salaam district has been in existence since 2003. In 2017, the Catholic order “Holy Ghost Fathers” (Spiritans) took over the management of the center. The partnership with SISI PAMOJA e.V. developed from personal contacts with the order.

Approximately 30 boys and girls receive training as carpenters, tailors, and welders at the DMTC. In addition, young people learn gardening, animal care, and cooking to be prepared for later life. Since 2017, SISI PAMOJA has been actively helping in the management of the center, teaching English and computers, and in the tailoring workshop. Special attention is paid to the support of girls. Until 2019, the teenage girls were placed overnight with families. In order to restore a dilapidated house so that the girls can also live on the campus, SISI PAMOJA provided funding. It was a beautiful feeling when 16 young ladies enthusiastically moved into their new home.

We welcome people who want to lend a hand at the Dogodogo Center.
In particular, we are looking for volunteers with work experience who can assist in the carpentry or tailoring workshop.

Working together in this partnership: