Professionals from youth and education work

In 2019, the first exchange of professionals took place between social workers from Hamburg and Dar es Salaam. Groups from both cities visited each other and a very lively contact was established. A professional exchange entitled “Learning journey for climate action” is planned for 2020. In the professional exchanges, we deal with global learning and sustainability, with questions on climate protection and climate justice, on education and social work.

From these encounters developed the DAKA Network. It was founded in 2019 by organizers and participants to stay in touch and initiate new projects.

We support each other in existing projects in Hamburg and Dar es Salaam, exchange expertise, and network with other actors.

The friendships that developed during the first exchange continue to exist and are regularly cultivated and expanded. Projects and cooperations that have already arisen are, in addition to the Professional meetings the Dinner for the Future, the proceeds of which provide financial support to the Ladies Joint Forum for the education of women.

Also, three participants from Dar Es Salaam were in Hamburg for an internship for 3 months each as part of the AFP-EL program. Another participant organized her own internship in Dar es Salaam.

How can I participate?

We welcome interested parties to participate in one of our professional exchanges or to support us in our projects.

Since we do not meet regularly, it is best to send us an email at Then we can contact you and inform you about the latest news.

Working together in this partnership: