No development without health

Medical cooperation

The VIMZ has been working with the Amana Referral Hospital since 2006.

For example, an endoscopy unit was established at Amana Hospital in Dar es Salaam. A German endoscopy specialist trained 2 physicians and 2 nurses in gastroscopy and colonoscopy during a total of six 2-3 week stays. As part of the collaboration, various doctors from Amana Hospital were also invited to Hamburg for several months of shadowing.

Similarly, 2 nurses from Amana Hospital came to Hamburg at the invitation of VIMZ for a 3-month training each. They were trained at the UKE and in a Hamburg specialist practice in the handling and care of endoscopy equipment as well as professional assistance during endoscopies.

The unit is now operating independently and covering its costs. The Amana Hospital is thus the only hospital in Dar-Es-Salaam, apart from the University Hospital, to offer this diagnostic and therapeutic method.

However, collaboration also extends to physical therapy, internal medicine, anesthesia and other areas.

Since 2018, this exchange has been intensified as part of the “Clinic Partnerships” program of the German Federal Ministry for Development Cooperation. One focus is on reducing perinatal maternal and infant mortality.

Within the framework of the projects, VIMZ e.V. supports the AMANA Hospital with technical equipment. Among other things, a sonography unit and an anesthesia unit were handed over to the AMANA Hospital from donations. Amana Hospital’s medical records are maintained entirely electronically. The necessary computers were donated by VIMZ.

Working together in this partnership: