Center for Natural History (CeNak)

The Center for Natural History (CeNak) of the University of Hamburg has important natural history collections and conducts modern biodiversity and evolution research. Three museums display objects from zoology, geology-paleontology, and mineralogy.

The Center for Natural History (CeNak) at the University of Hamburg is one of the major centers for biodiversity and evolution research in Germany. CeNak’s important scientific collections, with their more than ten million natural history objects, provide a comprehensive archive for analysis on the origin and evolution of life on Earth.

A large number of the objects were already collected in the 19th century by captains on behalf of shipowners and merchants of the Hanseatic city. These cultural treasures are important sources for CeNak’s scientists, who are researching changes in Earth’s biodiversity and the impact of climate change on wildlife around the world.

Together with the partners from the National Museum in Dar es Salaam, Prof. Dr. Thomas M. Kaiser is working on the scientific exploitation of the outstanding finds in Tanzania and would also like to achieve that the people in Hamburg and Tanzania understand their common roots in Africa and thus also our ancient connection with each other.

Unfortunately, our current governing body did not see fit to support me in the exhibition, so I would not partner with the entire institution, but rather with myself and my department, which is more appropriate. That’s why I put my name here, not to stand out.


Prof. Dr. Thomas M. Kaiser
Head of Department Mammalogy/Paleoanthropology
Center for Natural History

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