Urban planning:
Universities and Cities

The focus of the cooperation is on the following topics:

  • Climate adaptation measures (flooding and heat) in dense inner-city areas, (water-sensitive urban development).
  • Development concepts for green spaces as well as street spaces
  • Development of informal settlements in floodplains through flood-adapted planning and construction, watercourse development, and resettlement concepts, if necessary.
  • Development of decentralized sanitation concepts in informal settlements

The cooperation between the two universities has existed since 2007.

Since then, there have been several bilateral student exchanges as well as various research visits by individual students for master’s thesis and project work.
In 2016, Dr. A. Mosha from Ardhi University received his Ph.D. from HafenCity University.

Since 2019, the focus on the above topics has been jointly developed. Since then, the two universities have been cooperating in the preparation of a master plan for the City of Dar es Salaam under the theme “Green Urban Development”. In jointly organized workshops and field trips, students and teachers have the opportunity to exchange and develop their ideas. The collaboration results in master’s thesis and doctoral projects that are supervised by each other.

Here you will find a selection of the activities so far:

  • 10-day cooperation trip by Prof. Wolfgang Dickhaut in February 2019 (including lectures on water-sensitive urban development in ARDHI, Uni-DeS, and the city administration, expert exchange with German NGO BORDA (sanitation planning).
  • 6-week stay of three HCU master’s students in Dar es Salaam to prepare their master’s theses, co-supervision Dickhaut/Namangaya, June/July 2019, completion of work by March 2020, topics:
    • Clarisa Mazzara: strategies for bus rapid transit networks: balancing transportation needs with blue-green infrastructure concepts.
    • Frederike Schuppe: Upgrading Technical Infrastructure in Informal Settlements in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: case study BOKO-CHASIMBA (Evaluation of Projects and Development of Concepts for Rainwater and Wastewater Management)
    • Rebekka Berninger: flood mitigation in informal settlements of dar es salaam, tanzania an approach to integrate flood risk adaption in urban planning schemes – the case of kigogo mbuyuni
  • Preparation of various research applications to the DAAD and BMBF
  • 7-day stay of a 9-member delegation (ARDHI professors, doctoral students, master’s students, and administrative staff) led by Dr. Ally Namangaya in Hamburg in December 2019, technical program on blue-green infrastructure in Hamburg.
  • 6-week stay of three HCU master students in Dar es Salaam to prepare their master theses, co-supervision Dickhaut/Namangaya, June/July 2020, completion of work by December 2020, topics:
    • Lennert Iseringhausen und Gianluca Rottmann: Practical case study for the City Sanitation Planning-Tool in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    • Jonathan Young: Bridging the Gap: An analysis of Public-Private Partnerships as an instrument to establish sustainable models of Faecal-Sludge-Managements in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Expert workshops in June and September 2020 involving civil society in Hamburg and Dar es Salaam on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the city partnership on the topics: “Flood mitigation in informal areas”, “Decentralised sanitation concepts”, “Climate adaptive blue-green street planning”.


We are always looking for additional scientists or students who are interested in working with us on the above-mentioned topics.

We are also interested in cooperating with other organizations. (z.B. NGOs, KMUs)

Contact us at Prof. Dickhaut.

Working together in this partnership: