International Artist Exchange Hamburg and Dar es Salaam

The 10th anniversary of the city partnership between Hamburg and Dar es Salaam has been taken as an opportunity by the Hamburger Künstlerhaus FRISE to establish a sustainable artist exchange between Hamburg and the Tanzanian art scene. In addition to the direct exchange between two artists, this bridge is also intended to serve as a link to the pan-African art scene.

The international exchange of artists has a long tradition in Hamburg and is intensively pursued with the support of the City of Hamburg and other sponsors. However, it is striking that the African art scene is hardly represented in these exchange activities.

The 10-year city partnership provided the impetus to promote direct exchange between Hamburg and the African art scene.
This exchange is intended to provide impetus in both countries and have a deep impact on society.

The exchange should not only be about the mutual examination of the artistic work. The organization of the art spaces, their existence, and their integration into the respective society should also be an exciting aspect of getting to know them.

The two participating art houses each have a large number and wide range of participating artists. In addition, both organizations have a long history of international artist exchange and are well integrated into the local and national art scene.

2020 is a year of renewal at Nafasi Art Space. New fields are being opened up there with the establishment of an art academy. The cooperation with the Künstlerhaus FRISE and the city of Hamburg is also part of this renewal.

The exchange in the anniversary year of the twinning of the two cities is the prelude to a sustainable partnership between the two art venues and the art scene of the cities. Since the Tanzanian partner is well connected to the pan-African art scene, there is a longer-term possibility to establish connections to other art spaces and artists in Africa.


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