HAMBURG WASSER in Dar es Salaam

As a municipal water supply and wastewater disposal company, HAMBURG WASSER applies its know-how in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). A close partnership with DAWASA and DAWASCO in Dar es Salaam has existed since 2005.

2009 – 2015close cooperation has developed between the water supply and disposal company of Dar es Salaam, the water ministry of Tanzania, and HAMBURG WASSER. Employees of HAMBURG WASSER and DAWASA or DAWASCO worked together as equals.

2017 two bright orange column vehicles from HAMBURG WASSER were shipped to Dar es Salaam and serve the fire department as mobile workshops, among other things for the use of breathing protection techniques.

2019 HAMBURG WASSER employees conducted a height safety training course in Hamburg with the fire department from Tanzania. The content included climbing in and working under compressed air breathing and in 20 meter deep sewers.

2020 starts the joint project “AQUA-AGENTS in Dar es Salaam and Hamburg”. The AQUA-AGENTS were created in 2010 by the Michael Otto Environmental Foundation and HAMBURG WASSER 2010 – an initiative that supports children in the 3rd and 4th-grade students to get them excited about water as a resource. In a playful and systematic way, children can learn as AQUA-AGENTS how important water is for people, nature, and the economy.

The exchange between the children of the two twin towns is to be promoted here. The results of the project will then be presented at twin city events in both cities.

Working together in this partnership: