Marangu Community Development Association

Marangu is home to people who already have a clearer idea of what they and their community could become if only certain deficits in education and resources were addressed. Constructive plans are made here. For this reason, MACDA was founded by leaders of Marangu, by people who are a little better off economically, or who have a little foresight because of their level of education: Marangu Community Development Association. This association has set itself the goal of promoting the further development of the village, but also to be the contact for foreign organizations that want to provide assistance. MACDA’s most important partner at the moment is our Volksdorfer Förderverein Marangu. Help for self-help happens in Marangu through the cooperation of these two associations: One is responsible for help and the other for self-help, so to speak. Dr. Ian Mamuya is a member of MACDA’s Board of Directors and the contact person in Marangu. He studied in Hamburg for several years, speaks German very well, and is our most important local volunteer.


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