Hospital Partnership:
Two Christian institutions

Ev. Krankenhaus Alsterdorf (EKA) visited Cardinal Rugambwa Hospital (CRH) in Dar es Salaam for the first time in 2018. The Hamburgers experienced on-site the diversity of a hospital that serves a large district and got to know the hospital management. In 2019, the return visit took place: five representatives of the CRH came to Hamburg. The partners from Dar es Salaam were very interested in the specialization of the EKA, especially in the

area people with disabilities, treatment of epilepsy, and the therapeutic offer. In the coming years, an exchange is planned on medical topics, among others, but also on the corporate culture of Christian hospitals. The hospital partnership is supported by the BMZ.

The exchange on different topics is very stimulating for both sides and also very cheerful. At the Ev. Krankenhaus Alsterdorf, a group of committed people jointly organize events and prepare the exchanges.

Fortunately, more and more are getting involved.

Both the Ev. Krankenhaus Alsterdorf and the Catholic Cardinal Rugambwa Hospital are Christian clinics. The Christian profile and the Christian corporate culture are part of the exchange. The two houses are united by their approach to people who are threatened by or experience social exclusion. Specifically, this involves, for example, people with disabilities, chronic illnesses or dementia – and the question of how these vulnerable patient groups can receive appropriate medical and therapeutic care. The living environment of the people is also taken into account, e.g. structures in the district.


All employees of the Ev. Krankenhaus Alsterdorf – across all occupational groups – are welcome to participate in the partnership.

Working together in this partnership: