ASB OV Hamburg-Mitte

The ASB OV Hamburg-Mitte supplies hospitals in various poor countries with hospital beds, nursing beds, wheelchairs, walking aids, and other small medical equipment discarded in Germany. This material is tested in advance and, with its second use there, makes a contribution to sustainability; long-term use of the available resources, and improves the supply of the local people in particular.

30 years ago the ASB Hamburg-Mitte e.V. started the foreign works in the context of the town twinning Hamburg and St. Petersburg. It all started with the friendship package campaign 25 years ago. The small ASB local association is now active in many countries of the world, in addition to Eastern Europe now also increasingly in Africa (Gambia, Namibia, and Tanzania).

In order to be able to effectively direct help, the right equipment is required in addition to qualified training. This is lacking among firefighters in Tanzania, for example. While in Germany equipment and materials are replaced at regular intervals, in Tanzania there is a lack of many things. Firefighters from Hamburg began to collect suitable materials. In order to ship these by sea container to Tanzania, the ASB OV Hamburg-Mitte with its foreign aid logistics center won as a logistics partner.
Fire departments from all over the country, also manufacturers offer demonstration units, leasing returns, and remaining stock after the system change.

Free according to the motto:

Many small people in many places can change the world.


ASB is looking for energetic support in preparing and packing materials for our partners, and also in other activities.

Our partnership