HAMBURG WASSER in Dar es Salaam

HAMBURG WASSER in Dar es Salaam As a municipal water supply and wastewater disposal company, HAMBURG WASSER applies its know-how in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). A close partnership with DAWASA and DAWASCO in Dar es Salaam has existed since 2005. 2009 – 2015close cooperation has developed between the water

Center for Natural History (CeNak)

Center for Natural History (CeNak) The Center for Natural History (CeNak) of the University of Hamburg has important natural history collections and conducts modern biodiversity and evolution research. Three museums display objects from zoology, geology-paleontology, and mineralogy. The Center for Natural History (CeNak) at the University of Hamburg is one


Dar es Salaam Center of Architectural Heritage (DARCH) Saving and Promoting international heritage in Dar es Salaam and Eastern Africa. The Dar es Salaam Centre for Architectural Heritage (DARCH) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to saving and promoting historic architecture in Dar es Salaam and the broader East African context

Fire department Hamburg

Fire department Hamburg While at the beginning of the partnership the fire department in Dar es Salaam was still organized as a city department and belonged to the City Utilities, a restructuring has since taken place. Today, the fire department is organized on a centralized basis throughout the country and

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